Why there is concern about the carrageenan?

Generally, there are 2 forms of carrageenan available. One is food-graded carrageenan and non-food graded carrageenan. The food graded carrageenan is used in the food for more than hundred years. And it has been massively reviewed and approved for its use in the food items.

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On the other hand, a chemical the degraded carrageenan was found harmful to the health so that it is not to be used in the foods, due to it does not provide thickening properties to the food items.

Though the degraded carrageenan and food-grade carrageenan are different, the bad effects of the degraded career also affect the using food graded carrageenan in the food due to the misunderstandings about the degraded carrageen by the people.

Another the main motivation behind the concern about the carrageenan is a safety detailed in an article which is written by Dr. Jonneto Bachmann. Most of the researchers viewed in her article give a review about the poligeenan which is known as the degraded carrageenan.

In that book, she tells that even though the degraded carrageenan has given bad results when adding the food items, the food graded carrageenan is always good for health. Because it was directly derived from the nature seaweeds.

There are no strict treatments lika chemicalto the seaweeds during the extortion of the food-graded carrageenan. The food-graded carrageenan is considered as one of the traditional ingredients in most of the ancient countries.

The food graded carrageenan is used in the food to maintain its taste on the same stage for a longer time. Which will result in the probability of reducing the food wastes?  In addition to this, the food-graded carrageenan can be used as a thicker in most of the deserts which take a vital place in once dinner.

Lack of Proof for Carrageenan Danger
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