Having the Best Bus to Johor from Singapore

Talking about a nice road trip to a new place, you can always choose the nearest one. You don’t need to go somewhere else which so far away, but you can always pick the nearest one from you and bring yourself some refreshing air and also the beautiful view you can enjoy with. Especially when you are Singaporean, you can always pick Malaysia as the nearest place you can choose. One of the best choice you need to pick is Johor.

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Now the question is how could we enjoy the nice view of Johor from Singapore? Well, there are always lots of way you can choose to spend some good times in Johor. You can pick bus, private car, train or even airplane to go there but there is always the best one you can choose. You can definitely pick the bus to Johor.

Taking the bus from Singapore to Johor

It is true that there are lots of way we can pick to help us to go to Johor from Singapore. You know you can always pick your own way to make sure you can have a good journey to Johor. The road view is the main reason why people take the bus or even private car. The fresh air and also the best view you can see along the way will be the coolest experience you must have.

One of the best bus operator you need to choose is the 160 bus operator from Singapore. It is only SG $1.81 for a full journey price. You can start to take this bus at the pick-up point Jurong East Interchange (beside the Jurong East MRT) Singapore and arrive at Kotaraya II terminal JB. So, if you want to taste a new way of road trip, you can always pick this bus operator as your best choice.

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