Places to Visit in Malacca: Jonker Street, Palace, Church and Museum

Looking forward to visit Malacca? If you do, you may want to read this article. Here we will tell you about some places you’d want to visit in Malacca. Let’s start.

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Jonker Street

If you visit Malacca, don’t forget to shop in Jonker Street. While the street is not as crazy as A’ Famosa Resort water world, the fun is no less. Especially, when you shop around and dine with your friends. You can enjoy history and culture at their epic in the Jonker Street. At Jonker Street, weekdays are fun, although Saturday and Sunday are the must-have experiences.

Jonker Street is so famous. Because of that, it is being referred as Jonker Walk Malaka Experience nowadays. Indeed. Without a visit to this place, your trip to Malacca will not be complete.

Malacca Sultanate Palace

Art, paintings and the furniture of Melaka Sultans can be found in the Malacca Sultanate Palace. Malacca had been home to various cultures, from Malay, Dutch, Christian to Buddhist. Malacca Sultanate Palace is located near the St. Paul Hill. It is entirely made of wood. Amazingly, there is no nail used in it. You can also find gardens beside the palace, which will remind you of how gardens used to be in the old time.


The Malaccan churches had been home to Christians from many different lands. You should visit the church for its architecture and history. There, you will find spacious halls with a touch of local Malacca culture. It is a spiritual and historical trip to be in the Christ Church Malacca.

Maritime Museum

It will be nice to go to the Maritime Museum in Malacca, where you will be able to see the Portuguese ship known as Flora de la Mar. The ship was sunk in the Malacca shore a long time ago. There are many historical ships and ship related parts as well.

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