The Cheapest Bus from Singapore to Ipoh for a Traveler

Traveling from Singapore to Ipoh, Malaysia won’t be so fun without using the bus from Singapore to Ipoh. Along with the best and comfortable service that they offer you can enjoy your trip in a fun and comfortable way. You may already know that there are lots of bus operator you can choose and ready to get you from Singapore to Ipoh, Malaysia. The variant price will make you getting easier to choose which one that is suitable for your pocket.

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The benefits you can definitely get from using the bus from Singapore to Ipoh is that you will get the most comfortable trip and also fast time to arrive at Ipoh. By using this general transportation, you will arrive at Ipoh earlier. And if you are getting worried about the service, you don’t need to worry because the service is the best guarantee you can rely on. So what is the most affordable and comfortable bus we can choose? Let’s find out here.

Cheap and best service bus from Singapore to Ipoh

The first cheap and comfortable bus operator you should pick when you want to go from Singapore to Ipoh are the Qistna Express. This is one of the cheapest buses from Singapore to Ipoh. For only SGD 25.00 you will get yourself arrive on Ipoh on time and also comfortable. As one of the best bus transportations, this Qistna Express is the right choice for you who want to travel at night.

Depart from Singapore (Little India) to Perak (Ipoh) at 07:15PM. The affordable price doesn’t mean that you will get the worse service. You will get the most comfortable trip by using this bus from Singapore to Ipoh. With only 28 seats you will find yourself more enjoy the trip because you won’t find the crowded bus situation which makes you uncomfortable to have a long trip.

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