Transnasional and Easybook

You are probably wondering which bus fleet that you should choose when you want to travel around Asia, especially around Malaysia, Singapore, or Thailand. If you really want to have a professional service with an extra exclusive and luxurious outcome, you can always use Transnasional, one of the national Malaysian bus fleets that have been in the industry for decades. If you are looking for a fleet that won’t disappoint you, this is the company to choose.

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About Transnasional

As it was mentioned before, Transnasional is a national Malaysian bus fleet that have been in the industry for quite a while. It has been operating for two decades so you can be sure about their qualification and their expertise. Being a service provider in the industry has made all the professional experts in the company understand their customers/ needs. They know that professional conduct is important as well as the timely service.

They also understand that easiness and effectiveness are important in the industry. That’s why they come with the digital solution and automatic management that will make the overall operation smoother and easier. They are working together with easybook so travelers can make the reservation and the purchase easier. If you need any kind of tickets (the plane, the ferry, or the train), you can always log into the website and order from them. By filling in the required information, you can get the fast access to the tickets and secure your seats.

Besides the digital reservation method, they also improve the entertainment system by providing a tablet for each of their customers. Everyone using the bus fleets will be provided with the tablet so they can choose whatever types of entertainment they want to have. In the old days, you were only given an option to enjoy one single movie for all passengers. But thanks to the tablet, each of the passengers can enjoy whatever types of entertainment they like. You can log into if you want to know more.

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