What are the Features of Transtar?


Transtar is one of the best coach travels in Singapore. This bus provides more facilities to the customer, so you will not get tired while traveling. The seats of this coach are made from a high-quality material, so you can enjoy comfort.

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There is too much space is available in between two seats of this coach.This luxurious coach comes with 19 comfortable seats. In the upper deck, 19 seats are available and then in the lower deck, 18 seats are available.

In this article, we discuss the features of this service. They are as follows,

Features of Transtar travel:

This coach comes with the electrical controls so you don’t need to adjust the seats manually. Using this electrical control, you can easily change the position of these seats. The seats are stitched by using the high-quality leathers, so it makes you more comfort.

For more entertainment, seats with attached 10.2 inch LCD TV also provided. You can enjoy more channels. You can change the language whatever you want.

After the departure of the bus, mineral water is supplied and after passing north-south highway, meals are provided. The meals provided are very rich in nutrients and hygienic.

Plan your travel today itself:

Travelling in a comfortable way is the one we all would like to have. This is the bus which offers the convenient seat to make your journey perfect and the most notable feature of this bus is it comes with a good entertainment, which means it comes with a television in front of every seat, so you can enjoy watching your favorite videos, movies as per your wish.

Furthermore, it comes with a fantastic luggage department, so you can place your entire luggage separately in a safe manner. The presence of the air conditioner in this bus will make you cool and provides you a deep sleep. Enjoy your journey with Transtar.


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